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A Roller Coaster Ride: A Review of Corinne Michaels “Beholden” Description: “Catherine Pope got a second chance at love, only to have it ripped away—again. She should’ve known better. But she dared to hope. She refuses to let fate take the reins this time. Catherine decides she’s going to fight. Jackson Cole risked it all. He thought this time would be different. With his loyalties pulling him in two directions—it’s time to make a choice…his past or his future. Will they be beholden to their fears or will they both fight against their demons and finally find the love they both long for?”

My Thoughts:

Corinne Michaels’ Beholden was an emotional roller coaster. But, oh, what a wonderful ride!

Once again Michaels wrote a book with palpable emotions. I felt both Catherine’s and Jackson’s pain. At times I wanted to beat the crap out of them. I’d never read a book where I had to stop reading because it was too painful. That’s just how real Catherine’s heartache felt.

Michaels uncovers more about what makes Catherine and Jackson tick. These characters have been broken by life. They need…no, require each other to become whole again. Their romance is the stuff of movies.

Beholden was a tear jerker and a page turner. I read this one in a day and a half because I was racing to find out how this story would end. Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Thank you Corinne Michaels for such a well-written romance story. Not only did you give us a great couple of characters, but you gave this reader some insight into the life of a military family.

Beholden is the conclusion of Catherine’s and Jackson’s story. You need to read their story to appreciate what happens with Natalie and Aaron Gilcher (Consolation and Conviction).

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