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Love Strikes Again: A Review of Christine Pope’s “Sympathetic Magic” Description: “”Lucky” Lucas Wilcox is a warlock who succeeds at everything he tries…except falling in love. Margot Emory, an “elder” of the McAllister witch clan, was wounded by a terrible betrayal in her past and thinks she’s destined to live her life alone. But when Lucas sets his sights on the one woman he can’t have, it may take a bit of sympathetic magic for the couple to come to their own happy ending. Note: Sympathetic Magic takes place immediately after Darkmoon, and so contains spoilers for that book and the two that precede it (Darkangel and Darknight). Sympathetic Magic is a short novel of approximately 61,000 words, or 230 paperback pages.”

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

WARNING: Sexual content, Mature Readers (17+)


My Thoughts:

I loved this “A Witches of Cleopatra Hill” novella! Readers have gotten used to authors putting out prequels basically detailing backstory for prominent characters. Pope provided an actual sequel that follows up on the lives of the devastatingly handsome Lucas Wilcox and the uptight elder, Margot Emory.

Hopefully, you have read the previous three books. If you haven’t, stop and pick them up. You need those details in order to appreciate Sympathetic Magic.

I appreciated how Pope intertwined the story of Angela and Connor in this book. It’s just enough detail to let readers know that the babies haven’t been born yet. But, thanks to their marriage, other clan members, both Wilcox and McAllister, are exploring their romantic options.

Sympathetic Magic is more paranormal romance than the previous books in the series. The other books had a plot that wasn’t centered on a love interest. The plot for Sympathetic Magic is all about the romance between Lucas and Margot. It’s enjoyable, well-written and not as predictable as it could be.

The only thing I disliked about this novella? It ended too soon. I want to be a fly at the nuptials!

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