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Destination–18th Century: A Review of J & L Wells “Untimely”

Description: “ABOUT AN UNTIMELY ROMANCE: Heather Richardson is a seventeen-year-old British girl whose life quickly becomes an emotional roller coaster when she meets Ruben Brown, a twenty-year-old man who works for her father at Freesdon Manor. As much as Heather wants to love Ruben, the cracks in their relationship begin to show as her eighteenth birthday draws nigh. In a surprising turn of events Heather is confronted by Frank, an intriguing man from a past that dates back to the nineteenth century. His untimely presence changes everything. When she’s thrown back in time by an unrelenting force, Heather realizes that her life is not what it appears to be. Her future has already been written, and it seems she cannot escape her fate, a fate determined by a love lost long ago. In her struggle to find herself, Heather must chose her destiny amidst a dangerous love triangle, vengeful lovers, and passions controlled by the hands of time. “

I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts:

Untimely by J & L Wells was an interesting read. If you are someone who appreciates romance and time travel, you may enjoy this story.

For me, the time travel portions were problematic. In all honesty, the story set in the eighteenth century could have stood alone. It was complete with details, description and a plot line involving a gentleman of money and a young servant. I would have been happy to read more about their story and what happened on their night together.

The modern story didn’t work for me. Heather Richardson is a young, impetuous girl who jumps into a relationship with a man she just meets. She falls head over heels in a matter of weeks. Heather travels back in time and suddenly falls in love with another man. But, her flighty mannerisms seemed perfect in the eighteenth century.

The character of Ruben was a little forced. There wasn’t enough detail about him. He was painted as a mysterious man with a temper. There really wasn’t a lot else going on with him. He loved intensely, but, there was no real reason behind it.

The best character for me was Frank Boswel. He was the time traveler going between eighteenth and twenty-first centuries. We get enough back story to really learn about Frank. I was actually cheering for him by the end of the book.

Untimely has its merits–good descriptions, an evolving plot line. If you are a fan of time travel romance, you probably will have no problem with the back and forth story line. There is a second book in this series. It looks to be more involved than book one. The story is intriguing with potentially good characters.

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