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Everyone Gets What They Deserve! (A Review of Neal Shusterman’s “Everfound”) Description: “While Mary lies in a glass coffin aboard a ghost train heading west, her minions are awaiting her re-awakening by bringing lots of new souls into Everlost to serve her. Meanwhile Jackin’ Jill has met Jix, a furjacker—a skinjacker who can take over the bodies of animals, most notably jaguars. Jix serves a Mayan god who collects Everlost coins to use in his Wurlitzer, which predicts the future. In the concluding volume of The Skinjacker Trilogy, Neal Shusterman reveals new sides of the characters of Everlost, who are pitted against each other in a battle that may destroy all life on Earth.”

My Thoughts:

Shusterman concludes the Skinjacker Trilogy with a psychological tale. Once again, we follow the exploits of Mary Hightower, Mikey, Nick and Allie. This time we are dealing with their inner struggles in Everlost.

Mary is hellbent on world domination. The only relevant world to Mary is one in which all the children of Everlost can continue to carry out their death in a repetitive forever cycle. Living souls are actually the ones in need of saving.

Poor little Mikey is no longer The McGill. And, now that he realizes he’s in love, he doesn’t care to be a monster either. But, he has to learn that love isn’t any easier in Everlost.

Nick is a shell of his former self. Shusterman lets readers know that you can’t be so focused on a goal that you forget yourself. And, that’s what happened to Nick. He spends the entire book trying to figure out who he was before the Chocolate Ogre.

And, Allie….well, Allie has learned that everyone has a purpose. She learns her and is struggling to do the right thing so that she doesn’t mess up her second chance.

Our four Afterlights are joined by Jinx, a wannabe Mayan who skinjacks animals. He believes that he has been called by the Jaguar gods.

Shusterman lets us know that if you believe something strong enough, it comes true. This is the whole premise of Everlost. Jinx believes he was called by Jaguar gods and so he resembles a wild cat more than a human. The Afterlights believe in a scar wraithe who can extinguish a soul just by touching it. Those who believe fear it. Jinx is the only one who doesn’t believe the tale so it has no effect on him.

In “Everfound” we learn that ultimate power can still corrupt even after life. It was Mary’s and Milos’ ultimate downfall. But, it is possible to be forgiven and get a second chance in life. Nick The Chocolate Ogre returns to his Rod Serling persona. Jinx is reunited with his soul mate, Jackin’ Jill. Mikey is forgiven for being the ultimate monster and finally gets to where he’s going. And, Allie gets the second chance she believed she earned. Even the scar wraithe learns that he has a real purpose and is finally fulfilled.

Shusterman continued to interweave historical references in this final book–The Titanic, Mayan civilization, the first atomic bomb testing site, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lots of great research done in this series!

I really enjoyed reading this trilogy. If you’re looking for a somewhat lighthearted series, check this one out! The ending is a good one.

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