“Some secrets are costlier than others.”

Tru Shepard holds the key—a highly coveted piece of tech—in the palm of her hand.

Everyone in the American Republic has secrets—some innocent and some dangerous.

Tru Shepard, a Creative, thinks she’s fighting to maintain her identity. She soon learns that the struggle is much bigger, and she holds the key.

Zared Aoki, the guy she loves, thinks he’s fighting for happiness. The ghosts from his past are supposed to be behind him, but sometimes the past shows up when you least expect it.

In a world built on secrecy, will the truth set you free?


Meet the Rebels of New Detroit

Tru Shepard

I'm a Creative. My kind is banned by the government. I'm fighting to maintain my sense of self.

My favorite things: drawing and painting and listening to banned music.

I'm loyal to those who have proven they're worth it.

My goal in this life? Staying alive and stopping the New Order.

Zared Aoki

I used to work for the Alliance, opposing the New Order. But I've also been in the Riza Corps. Frankly, I don't like taking orders.

My favorite things: I used to enjoy reading but books have become obsolete in my world.

I just want a normal life. I'm tired of running from the law. I'm tired of fighting.

Koko Castaneda

I have tried to be a good friend to Tru, but she's so reckless. She always thinks she knows best. If Tru would only listen to me.

I follow orders. I believe in discipline. There are ways to stand up for your rights.

I'm a proud Riza cadet and an undercover agent for the Alliance.

Asher Jones

I got into this fight to help Zared. We met when back in Corps. When he left and started living on the streets, I tried to look out for him.

Fave things: I love writing. One day, I'm going to do it seriously.

Frankly, I want out of this mess but I don't see an easy way out. Whatever people may think of me, I'm doing what's best for my friends.

Mark Carter

If it weren't for Asher, I wouldn't be helping these people. I don't put my neck on the line for anyone. Well, except Asher.

Faves: I won't go on record with the things I like. It's best to keep some things secret.

I never walk away from a challenge.

SF Benson

SF Benson, a Michigan native, resides in Georgia with her husband, a human daughter, and a couple of miniature fur kids (two female short-haired guinea pigs). At one time she wrangled a household which included three Samoyeds, saltwater fish, a hamster, and three guinea pigs.

SF has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s had a variety of positions ‘feeding’ her creative brain—blogger/reviewer, customer service representative, veterinary assistant, marketing assistant, editorial assistant, receptionist, and even cashier for women’s clothing and shoes.

She’s an avid bookworm who appreciates a well-written book regardless of genre. SF prefers to write stories which allow her to answer the question “what if”. She leans towards writing strong, diverse protagonists set in dystopian, science fiction, or paranormal worlds.